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10 Habits for a Tidy Home

Having a tidy home has a lot to do with developing small habits. Once something becomes a habit, it’s second nature. It’s no longer a big deal. It takes a little bit of time to do these things, but it’s a small price to pay. It takes a lot longer to clean your home when things have been piling up all day (or week).

Here are 10 habits that you can try to develop for a tidier home!

#1 Make your bed.

I sound like a real mom, right? My husband doesn’t understand what the point is about made beds and throw pillows. “Who are you giving tours of our bedroom to?” It’s not about impressing anyone for me. It’s about creating a mindset. Truly, there’s something about making the bed in the morning that sets my mind in the right place for getting things done. It’s a totally different feeling when the bed isn’t made. And at the end of the day, to walk into your room and be greeted by your made bed…ahh. There’s nothing cozier and more inviting.

#2 Put things back right away.

This is a biggie. It takes a few seconds to put something away when you are done using it. Don’t get lazy and leave it out to put away later. Things that get left out have a tendency to multiply!

#3 Clean up food messes after meals.

I hate, hate, hate when crumbs and bits of food are left to harden and adhere to the table and floor. Gross. When you finish a meal, clear the table and wipe it down with a cloth. Then sweep the floor. Same thing goes for your kitchen counters and stove. If you made a mess, it’s easier to clean it up now then when everything’s had a chance to dry up and stick to things.

#4 Keep your kitchen sink clear.


Dishes left in the sink are unsightly and smelly. Rinse off your dishes and put them in the dishwasher and wash what can’t go in. Then dry them and put them away. Sinks and dishwashers are not places to store dishes.

#5 Sort through your mail right away.

As the pile of mail that sits on your counter grows, the less likely you are to tackle it. This is why I don’t like mail trays or boxes that people have in their house. Go through the mail as soon as you bring it inside. Even better, start going through it before you step inside next to your recycling bin. Throw away and shred things you don’t need. File away important documents and statements, and take care of bills or other notices.

#6 Use a squeegee in your shower.

This cuts down on water stains and soap scum in your shower. And believe me, water stains on glass doors are a complete nightmare! When you turn the water off, just wipe down the walls, glass doors, and surfaces. It makes the deeper cleaning days a lot easier.

#7 Wipe down water splashes from your bathroom mirror.

Sometimes when you are washing your hands or face or brushing or flossing your teeth, your bathroom mirror gets little splashes. Wipe them down when you’re done with a lint free cloth to keep your mirrors sparkling.

#8 Toilet maintenance.

Okay, this is gross but necessary. When you do your business, it’s not nice to leave behind any evidence. Clean up any splashes on the seat or floor and for the love of Pete, use a toilet scrubber for any crud streaks you leave behind.

#9 Fold and put away your laundry.


We all have a designated space where we throw the clean laundry to fold later, right? The bed, a chair that’s hardly sat in, the floor. Your laundry is just going to get wrinkled! Then you have to iron it out and you’ll just be making more work for yourself. Fold them! It doesn’t take that long. Put on a tv show or watch a youtube video while you fold if the boredom absolutely kills you. If you fold a load of laundry when it first comes out of the dryer, it’s not as hard as folding 5 loads of laundry on a Sunday night when you’re tired.

Here’s something that helps my folding go by faster. Grab a bunch of hangers from your closet and put them next to your folding station. I use the bed. Sort through all the clothes and take out all the clothes that need to be hung up. Put them on hangers and lay them flat on top of each other. You’ll be left with a smaller pile of clothes to fold, and now the other clothes are already on hangers and ready to be put away.

#10 10 Minute sweep after dinner.

After dinner and before you sit on the couch to decompress and Netflix binge, take 10 minutes to do a full sweep and put away anything that got left out. If your kids or spouse left things out you can leave things in a pile at the door or their bed for them to put away. Some people have clutter baskets for each person that they keep in one area of the house, like on the stairs. I personally don’t like the idea because I think the baskets add clutter and actually make it less likely for people to put it away where it belongs. If you put in in front of their door or on their bed, it’s in the way and they are more likely to put it away to get it out of the way.

Developing tidying habits can be hard, but they are so worth it. Work on one at a time if you need to.

Did you try these tips? How did it go?

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