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“Good Enough” Tidying

I confess, even as a tidying addict who tries to stay on top of clutter, if you were to take a really close look at my house, you’d probably say it isn’t really all that tidy most of the time.

I don’t religiously wash my windows, scrub out the tub, dust all of my furniture, and mop the floor as often as I should. I’m only human after all. I may have a blog about keeping a tidy home, but I also want to keep things real. I’m here to help you as well as learn from you. I’m not perfect. And my house isn’t either. So you can rest assured that I know the struggles you’re having with keeping things tidy and I’ll never judge.

When I finally had my own place to maintain, I learned all the “other” things that have to be cleaned routinely. Things I’d never even thought about. The oven, the washer, dryer, air vents, even the walls.

Would you judge me a lot if I told you that even now I’m probably not on top of that stuff most of the time? Actually, I’m embarrassed to admit that some of these are things I’ve never done. Like washing the walls. But, I’m a little suspicious that anyone is really doing that on a regular basis. Or Ever.

Somehow, even with my laziness, people still think my house is clean. Even when it’s not and the dust bunnies underneath the hallway table are silently mocking me.

The reason people come into our home and think it’s clean is that I’ve learned shortcuts to making things look “good enough”.

We all adopt this philosophy and fit it to our own level of comfort.

For me, “good enough” just means that there is no clutter. On the floor, on the table, the countertops, beds, furniture, etc. It just means all surfaces are clear of objects that don’t belong there. For me, that feels good and I could care less if there are toddler fingerprints all over the windows and tv console and dusty photo frames.

For some of you, even that may seem like a lot to accomplish. My main focus in this blog is to help you find better ways to manage the clutter: minimizing what you own to whatever level is comfortable for you and then finding ways to utilize spaces in your home to organize all of your stuff.

When we can get to a point where our homes are uncluttered without too much effort, then it’s much easier to start attacking all those other cleaning projects on our lists. But heck, I won’t judge you if you don’t dust your blinds every month because I sure don’t.

Someday, I hope that my house can be pristine and spotless all the time. But I’m a mom. And a wife. And a daughter. And a friend. And a youth activity leader. And a member of a singing group. And a blogger. And every once in a while, I need to sit down and veg out in front of the tv while eating copious amounts of chocolate.

We can’t do it all, can we?

What about for you? At what point do you look around, shrug your shoulders, and say, “Eh, good enough?”

6 thoughts on ““Good Enough” Tidying”

  1. Lately my “good enough” is just having dishes done! And still having toys scattered all over the place (and crumbs)! I figure that dishes are always the most intimidating to me (when they get out of control) so if my kitchen is decently clean, I can pick up all the toys in under 10 minutes and feel good about the apartment 🙂 haha

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    1. Yes! Dishes are the worst when they pile up!!! I’ve totally considered having less dishes so I’m forced to clean them and then they are less likely to pile up…lol


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