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Thanksgiving and Black Friday Hype

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. In my family, it’s usually when everybody comes together, and I just think it’s a load of fun!

I love the reminder of giving thanks for the blessings we have and celebrating the simpler things in life.


Also, who doesn’t love an excuse to eat a bunch of delicious food? Especially the desserts!

Buuut…there’s one thing that I have come to really despise about Thanksgiving. It usually precedes another event that I just can’t get on board with.

Unpopular opinion: I really hate Black Friday.

Is that totally Un-American of me, or what?

But really, if you want to know why, read ahead. If not, then shop on, dearies! I’m not going to judge.

It’s too hyped up!

I’ve tried taking advantage of the sales going on during Black Friday. You know what I’ve found? The stuff I really want to go on sale is hardly ever discounted that much. There is a tendency for some stores and companies to have “hidden deals” that end up being a real disappointment when unveiled. All in all, Black Friday has yet to live up to the hype of being worth it. In my experience, anyway.

It celebrates greed.

Have you seen the videos of people trampling each other to get the last flatscreen on sale? Black Friday turns some people into animals! I already don’t like big crowds, but I’m not about to get injured in a stampede of people just to get my hands on a good deal. This meme sums it up enough, I think.


It encourages people to buy things they don’t need.

This goes along with greed, but from a minimalist standpoint, big sales like this are a huge deterrent from trying to keep a tidy, uncluttered home. Being thoughtful about purchases goes straight out the window. “It’s such a good deal…Let’s buy 10 of them right now!” Yeesh. I cringe at the thought of such unbridled reasoning. Sure, I like deals too, but I don’t want to buy something simply because it’s on sale. Stores push these sales so hard at you that you become convinced that you NEED it and you need it NOW because it won’t be on sale ever again! Don’t “buy” into it, is my advice. Ha. I’m so punny.

It cheapens my Thanksgiving experience.

It totally takes away from the spirit of the Thanksgiving. I mean, just yesterday we were sitting around the table celebrating the sweet, sweet blessings in life and having some quality time with loved ones. Not even 24 hours later, we’re already sprinting towards the sliding doors of stores and filling up shopping carts with more stuff we don’t need. Some of us don’t even wait until Friday but spend Thanksgiving evening camped outside in lines to get first dibs on the goods. I mean, to each their own, but I just don’t understand how that could be enjoyable. I can’t even wait in a Taco Bell drive-thru line for more than 5 minutes without muttering angry gibberish.

That’s my post-Black Friday rant.

Don’t feel bad if you like to take part in the sales. Even though I don’t understand this phenomenon, I can respect that people like to take advantage of a good deal. I just haven’t found that participating in Black Friday has been worth it for me. And most likely, I won’t ever be convinced. Flashbacks to the Ala Moana Mall when I was in college in Hawaii will always convince me to never set foot in a crowded store during Black Friday ever again. Worst. Day. Ever.

But if it pleases your soul to seek out those amazing deals and it doesn’t take away from the joy of the season for you, by all means, shop on, friends, shop on!

However, if you’re open to it, I challenge you to take it easy next time Black Friday rolls around. I challenge you to relish the feelings of gratitude that you might feel on Thanksgiving day and maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover that you already have everything you need!

Happy Holidays!

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