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Why I’m So Excited to Downsize

The time has come for us to leave California so my husband can continue pursuing his education and find more job opportunities in his industry.

We will be moving to Utah, which is both terrifying and…well, mostly terrifying. All our close family members live in the same town as us, so to say that I’m worried about how we’ll fare on our own is an understatement.

But all little birdies have to leave the nest someday, and I have a feeling some big adventures and opportunities are in store for us!

So what this means is we are moving out of the spacious 4 bedroom house we are renting and into a smaller apartment.

Why am I so excited about this?

Well, ladies and gents, this means I get to purge most of our belongings!

Pause for a happy dance!

Y’all have to know something about me. I LOVE decluttering. The whole process. I love taking a look at all I’ve acquired and figuring out what I really value. I find it therapeutic! It helps me refocus on my goals and what kind of life I want to create.

I am so excited to pare everything down to the things we truly need and love. And more than anything, I’m hoping this is the opportunity for ne to really start embracing a more minimalist lifestyle.

It’s been hard to adopt this kind of mainframe in such a big house. We tend to want to fill up empty spaces. I wonder why?

Also, when you live so close to family, people like to help you out by buying and gifting you things. Which is wonderful and generous, but also adds more stuff that you have to find storage for.

I am SO SO SO SO excited to start fresh and have the excuse of saying, “No thank you, we just don’t have the space for that.”

I will admit that a tremendously large reason for my excitement to live in a smaller space is my hope that there will be less house to clean!!!

I mean, realistically, messes are inevitable. We now have two boys, and one is a toddler who loves to throw food on the floor for the dog.

Wait…we don’t have a dog.

What I’ll be missing most about living in California

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