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Tidy Tuesday- A Challenge for all you Bookish Peeps

I’m starting a new weekly post.

Every Tuesday, I’ll share a new tidying tip, hack, or challenge.

This week is books!

These are all the books we own right now, including the kids’ books.

Someday when I have space, I want a library. Books are the one thing that I feel okay slightly hoarding. Ok, fine, I want Belle’s library from Beauty and the Beast! Gimme all the books!!!

But for now, I just keep books that are close to my heart or have impacted me greatly. And I organize mine by color because it makes me happy😁

Books used to be harder to get rid of than my other sentimental things. It felt wrong to let them go, but I finally learned to let go of the ones I knew I would never read again and let someone else go on the same as adventure.

My challenge for you today is to go through your books this week. Follow Marie Kondo’s advice and let go of anything that no longer “sparks joy” for you.

Who is watching her show on Netflix? Isn’t she the cutest?

Happy tidying, friends!

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