Minimal Makeup

Want to get hooked up with some minimal makeup?

This minimal makeup is my favorite makeup of all time. It has saved me time and money. The compact is magnetic and tins can be replaced as needed. Everything is high quality and this makeup applies like butter but doesn’t feel caked on.

The CEO of Maskcara saw a need for makeup to be easier for all women without sacrificing the look that you would get from having a professional apply your makeup.

So she designed IIID foundation and created each product with the same creamy consistency and coverage so that you really only need ONE layer of makeup instead of caking on a myriad of products?

Beyond that, the design is so minimal. Each color comes in a little tin that can be popped right into your compact, which is magnetic! So you only need to purchase what you need, when you need it. And no compacts ever go to waste!

All I need!
Here is my on the go makeup compact that is actually a wallet!!! It’s all about streamlining makeup and making it easy to apply anywhere!

How is application?

The first time you see someone apply IIID foundation, you might be confused. It’s totally different than how we apply traditional makeup. But that’s why you have me! I’m here to help you every step of the way and trust me, it’s easier than you’d think! So easy, that you’ll wonder why you did your makeup any other way.

This transformation took less than 10 minutes! Sometimes, I’ve been able to get out the door in 5 minutes! Flawless, airbrushed look in hardly no time and with little product.
And here’s a comparison from my old traditional foundation to IIID foundation. Do you see the difference?

Ready to try it for yourself?

I can help you find the right colors for you. Just click here to fill out my colormatch form and you’ll receive my recommendations!

The form will ask you to upload a selfie and will ask you specific questions dealing with your skin, color preferences, and what products you’re interested in.

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[photo credit: Chelsey Slusher, @chelseyps]